PLEASE NOTE:     Because of the large amount of orders currently in the build queue, I am not taking any new orders until the assembly line is caught up.  Feel free to check with me on possible wait times, as they have exceded the old 8 to 10 week estimates.   I am working hard to fulfill the overwhelming response received during the initial launch and also to expand the operation past it’s current “one man show”.

See “The Process” on the menu tab to understand more about how products are built.

 How to order:

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to place your request.  Chose your items from the order pricing list below, and clearly state what products and quantities you desire, and make sure to include your email address and a shipping address.  Once I receive your request you will be emailed an invoice that you can easily pay from.   Invoicing will all be done through Paypal, so rest assured a secure transaction.  Shipping to your destination will be added.  Please not that the Wooly Mammoth series are quite heavy.  Once your invoice is paid, you will have reserved your order and you will be emailed the serial number that will be attached to your gear.


gcsd1Ground Control -Standard controller $312.99 1U rack or desktop

GCdeluxecosole 1  Ground Control -Deluxe $699.99 desktop console

GCD1U 1 Ground Control -Deluxe $699.99 1U rack

GCD2U1 Ground Control -Deluxe 2U chassis $725.99

gcmicro 3  Ground Control – Micro $245.99

323 1  Three-Two-Three source/monitor switcher $235.99

wmsi 1  Wooly Mammoth – Standard Issue $1124.99

mk3b  Wooly Mammoth – Deluxe MK3 $1549.99

IMG_2474 Passive Direct Box (standard) $149.99

DI1Passive Direct Box (dual transformer version) $195.99

IMG_2485 Re-Amping box $129.99

IMG_2488 2-Channel Speaker Load box (specify ohms config) $95.00 $89.99

IMG_2502 A/B pedal  $57.00 $49.99          Attenuator Pedal $57.00 $49.99

IMG_2528 XLR to TRS adapters (specify male or female xlr ends) SET OF 2 $6.99 $5.99

mammoth-label-mock “Plate logo” shirt (specify size S, M, L, XL, or XXL) $XX.00 $16.99

mammoth-plane-mock “Hand Crafted” shirt (specify size S, M, L, XL, or XXL) $XX.00 $16.99


Remember to include your shipping address in the message so we can provide an accurate invoice – THANKS!

GCdeluxecosole 1