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 A rough fast video run through of the functions and features of the Deluxe Wooly Mammoth. Made this quick while testing a custom shop unit in the studio. Stereo bus, drum bus, guitar, bass, and vocal examples. Mainly useful for hearing some of the more extreme settings on the unit. The unit in the video has a mod done to the Nickel channel (replaced with vintage Telefunken/Haufe transformers), otherwise the rest of the unit is stock and sounds the same. And yes, I really did redline the bass that hard (hey it was late, I was tired).


As the initial batches of products reach their destinations, we will post some real world 3rd party in-use clips.  Stay tuned as things come together!

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An unsolicited customer review of the Wooly Mammoth Deluxe from over at Gearslutz:

“So, I got it this morning.
First of all, let me say that it took me all of 20 minutes to unpack this thing from the ace packing job. That kind of thing is a big deal, to me, and Tim packed it very well.

It’s very impressive looking, for sure.
The pots and switches are pretty satisfying. I think that I would have paid a couple more hundred for more serious switches, but I don’t have any complaints about the feel, at all. Once you start adding fancy pants switches, the price goes up fast… and there are A LOT of pots and switches on this beast.

I, of course, popped the lid to see inside. Tim’s wiring work is impeccable. VERY nice. I give him a ton of credit for this. If it were me, and I were filling orders one by one… I’m having a panic attack just thinking about it. No corners were cut, however. I don’t get a “rushed” sense on the build quality, whatsoever.

I played around with it for about an hour. It’s a very deep piece, that I think will take quite a while to unlock all of it’s possibilities.

It is a passive device. I’ve found that there is more signal loss the harder you make the components work (ie hitting the “Soak” switch and cranking the Germanium knob decreases the output). I was using it as a hardware insert in Pro Tools, so it wasn’t a big deal to compensate for the loss with a plugin on the next insert.

It’s sensitive to what you feed it. I think that if using it on 2bus, I would probably mix into it from the start; doing little tweaks as I go.

Now, I am at the point in my musical life that I want an obvious difference when I plug in a piece of gear. If I have to go back and forth a couple times to decide what difference I am hearing, I lose interest. I just don’t see the point, anymore, I guess. I had a pair of Retro Powerstrips, but I sold them because they were too subtle for me. That EQ was damn fine, though.

There are plenty of us out there, however, that live in that seemingly (to me) immeasurable difference, and that’s great. I had a condo there, once; but it burned down.

This piece satisfies both schools.

You can get lost in the minutiae, here. With the 3 input transformers, the differences are a little lost on me, but the differences are there. Add that to the filters (which are awesome) and the “Luft” (which I haven’t totally figured out, yet); and you could lost in that tweaker world for days. I briefly traded messages with a mastering engineer who likes it for it’s subtleness.

Me, like I mentioned, like to hear “night and day” differences right out of the gate. I’m not really all that into subtleness. For me, the “Soak” and the TWO Germanium paths are where it’s at. Couple that with the filters (which are awesome), and the “Luft” (which I haven’t figured out, yet… but I like it); and I am in MY personal tweaker world.
I had a sparsely arranged piano/vocal song that I threw through the Deluxe. It’s a relatively dynamic song. I got it to sit right where the loud passages break up (ever so slightly) with one of the Germanium paths. I was sold right there.

Honorable mention goes the the output transformer configuration(s), here. The single output transformer is there (or not, if that’s what you want), but I really love hitting that second one in series, man.

The nutshell here is that this thing is going to take me a good long while to get to know. That’s a very good thing, in my book. I usually get bored of gear pretty fast.

If you’re a tweaker: you’ll love it.
If you’re like me, and just want to plug something in and get dirty quick: you’ll love it.

So, I wrote more than I thought that I would. I hope it helped.
I’m going to make some time to play around with it tomorrow, too.
Maybe I’ll figure out what that “Luft” is actually doing. “