Mammoth Cave Audio was founded by Tim Gerak, owner of the Mammoth Cave (studio) and was the result of Looking for quality analog solutions that didn’t break the bank.  ….While at the same time, providing Tim with a quiet peaceful outlet between long sessions in a busy studio.   There’s nothing like the smell of solder in the twilight hours when the rest of the world is serene.
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 The original inspiration for the “passive aggressive” line of saturation boxes came from the idea of loving my console most days but wishing it had just a little more “color” or “vibe” like some of the nicer legendary consoles were known for.  So I designed a simple device to use on my own console’s channel inserts. But it didn’t stop there.  I quickly realized the benefits of using it at the tracking stage post preamp when I was out of boutique Neve and other colorful pre’s. And also found that a similar approach on the stereo master bus also added something rather wonderful to the imaging and sort of gave it a nice extra sheen.  I began tweaking it more and more. By utilizing different switchable transformers and diode soft clipping stages, I found I could produce an array of varying subtle tonal differences, each with it’s own character and nuances. Thus the Wooly Mammoth was born.